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Stella WaterLand is an exciting, family-friendly utopia. A thrilling paradise for all ages with the most exciting rides you could ever imagine. One of the biggest in the Mediterranean, our state-of-the-art Water Park is the most thrilling attraction of your life.
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Are you a thrill seeker?
Stella WaterLand unites the whole family in an experience that screams fun as you slide down the huge rides. That fun includes multiple twists, uphill and high-speed routes, vertical falls, and even high-capacity racing routes with multiple lanes.
Interactive Map of Stella Waterland
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    Kids Multislide

    Splash times with endless fun, with a giant bucket on the top, creating the adrenaline you are looking for.

  • Sweet Corner

    Street Bites offers a wide variety of street food, for every age and every appetite!

  • Adults Only

    Who said fun is only for the young ones? Relax in the pool, while your kids are having the time of their life!

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    Magic Cone Slides

    Εxperience a fun ride at these unique slides with the feeling of flying in the universe!

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    Relax Pool

    A relaxing pool for guests of all ages, is also available at Stella Water Park.

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    Spray Area

    On a warm late-spring or summer day, there’s often only one thing that will please everyone: playing in the water. And that’s what free spray parks are all about. Here the kids are entering in another world! The world of Water Fun!

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    Family Rafting makes it possible to share entertainment and excitement. You can experience the joy of twists, turns and drops as a family in one of our 6-8 passenger circular inflatable rafts.

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    Racer Slide - Multislide

    Big or small, long or short increase the fun at Multi slides! Multislides are the ones where you can slide down with a standard ring or with your bathing suit. Our waterpark would never been complete without Multi Slides!

  • Tube Bar

    Tube bar is here to quench your thirst with every kind of drink and refreshments.

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    Street Bites

    Street Bites offers a wide variety of street food, for every age and every appetite!

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    Racer Twin Hybrid Space Boat

    Experience a short and fast ride at “Aquatube”. The 825 mm radius is a relatively fast slide compared with Tunnel Body Slide which delivers you 12,66 metres away!

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    For unlimited fun… Tipping buckets, slides, net climbs, water cannons and water all around. Children will love it for sure, but they will not be the only ones. Everyone will love this entertainment!

Stella WaterLand Attractions
the ultimate experience for the whole family.
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